Blur's game elements are derived from other games and this article shows from which game specific elements come fro


Elements from other racing gamesEdit

  • The driving engine is a retooled version of PGR4's. thus meaning the game is tecnically considered a sim racer.
  • Shunt, Barge, Mine, Nitro, Sheild, and Repair have roots in other racing games. Some consider Bolt very similar to Triple Green Shells from Mario Kart, so Shock is sometimes considered the only original power-up.
  • Motor Mash is similar to Battle on Mario Kart.
  • Vinyls work like they did in Need For Speed:Most Wanted's Game Boy Advance version. but it is still unclear if it is in the game or not.(a bmw 135i (race) was seen with a chinese dragon shaped side vinyl in the fast track trailer)

Elements from games in other genresEdit

  • Mods are similar to Perks, a popular online feature in first person shooters.
  • the brilliant,colorful vibe and the night backdrop can be reminiscent of more recent entrys in the Geometry Wars series, a 2D shooter by Bizaare Creations, Blur's developer.
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