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Show Down
Rival Show Down (Shannon)
Vehicle Opel Astra Extreme
Mod N/A
Events 7
Show Down's Demands
Keep your speed over 120 mph or more for an entire lap
Mine 20 cars
Land 15 Reverse Bolt shot rounds
Finish in First Place in all events

Show Down is the final group in the single player Career and require 280 lights to unlock. Show Down consists entirely of races in which all of the opponents are bosses from earlier groups.

The "Keep your speed over 120 mph or more for an entire lap" demand does not require the 120 mph lap to start at the finish line. The lap can start anywhere as long as the player completes an entire lap without falling below 120 mph. This demand is easiest to fulfill at Event 2, SanFran Sausalito.[1]

Type # Location Track Criteria Restrictions Fan Target
Easy Medium Hard
Race 1 LA Downtown The Money Run 3 Laps Class A 2,000
2 SanFran Sausalito Bay Area Tour 3 Laps Class A 1,600
3 Hackney Central Sprint 3 Laps Class A 1,500
4 Mount Haruna Descent 1 Lap Class A 1,400
5 NY Dumbo Brooklyn Tour 3 Laps Class A 1,800
6 Brighton Promenade Loop 3 Laps Class A 2,100
One-on-One 7 Hollywood Hills Hollywood Rift 3 Laps AstraExtreme X


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