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Make Opel icon Class
Class A
How to Unlock
Career Defeat Show Down
Multiplayer Defeat Show Down in Single Player
Accel Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b f Icon
Speed Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b f Upgrades
Grip Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fEmpty Blob (Performance) Upgrade Fans y Upgrade Health y Upgrade Speed y
Difficulty Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b hEmpty Blob (Performance)
Health Blob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fEmpty Blob (Health) 2Empty Blob (Health) 2Empty Blob (Health) 2 Paintable
Blob cross
Handling Balanced Team Play
Blob cross

This car is unlocked once the player completes the Single Player Career and beats Show Down's One on One. It has exactly the same stats as the Koenigsegg CCX-R making then almost identical in performance in Single Player, and is widely considered one of the 'jack-of-all-trades' vehicles for A-class racing.

Shannon's Opel Astra Extreme has all the bonuses already equipped making it superior to the Koenigsegg CCX-R, especially as it can be made immediately available for Multiplayer races without much trouble whereas the CCX-R cannot be unlocked until reaching Rank 50.

The only unusual aspect of this Opel Astra Extreme is that it does not have the same stats as the stock car, unlike other rival cars and Legendary cars. Whilst this appears to be the same with the Legendary Opel Astra Extreme, the Legendary variant in fact shares the same stats as the standard (but fully upgraded) Astra.

The main differences between Shannon's vehicle and the stock Astra are increased acceleration and speed, but the drawback of less responsive handling and a tendency to bounce more on bumps or curves. This still makes the stock or Legendary Astra more viable on technical circuits, such as Hollywood Rift, due to the short straights and many twisting corners.

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