Shannon is the main boss for both "Proving Grounds" and, as the player later finds out, "Show Down". She owns a Renault R230 F1 Team R26 which is unlocked when you first defeat her, and an Opel Astra Extreme, that is unlocked when you finish the game and defeat her the second time.

Her Demands are: Land 80 offensive power-ups, earn 7,000 fans, finsh four different events in four differnent cars, and pass 5 events.

She owns the Mod "Overbolt" that allows you to gain an extra Bolt round for every Bolt power-up, boosting your ammunition count from 3 to 4. She gives you this Mod when you finish "Proving Grounds" and defeat her in her One-On-One.

Shannon is a young blonde haired woman who wears a blue dress. She is also the No.1 racer until you defeat her. Her motif seems to be flowers as they are shown on both of her cars. Just as you unlock the first One-on-One with her the description reads:

"Well done, you've met all of Shannon's demands and earned the rights to face her in a One-on-One. Don't be fooled by her appreance, she's not just a pretty face and she won't come quietly."

When you unlock the One-on-One in Show Down Shannon will call the player by phone and say:

"Hey, it's Shannon. Your first impression was wrong. This is my game. Want it to be yours? Simple. A One-on-One between the best...Let's go!"

She is voiced by actress Natalie Lander[1].

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