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General tipsEdit

  • This circuit is very short and two-sided; you're either going up, or down. so there's two segments to keep in mind:
    • Starting on the down slope, there's not much you can do but perform some incredible jumps. However, realize that every minute you're in the air, you're vulnerable to a well-placed Bolt (or an ill-placed vehicle beneath you) that will most certainly pitch you into an unrecoverable tumble (and at worst, air-juggle you for a good 3-5 seconds before the game resets your vehicle). It also leaves you less opportunity to adjust your speed and direction when you reach the bottom, which is a 90-degree turn. The turn has two exits which you can choose depending on your speed; the outside one (through the parking deck) lets you take a safer line at a faster speed in case you came barreling down the hill out of control, but it also ends in another jump which keeps you at the mercy of the wind. The inside exit (along the street), requires more restraint and control to enter considering the downhill you just escaped, but also lets you control your exit and has a better assortment of power-ups waiting for you ahead.
    • The way back up is a long straight incline (with a pause in the middle), and if you maneuvered through the bottom of the hill correctly, you likely have a Nitro burning a hole in your Power-up Bay right now. Resist the urge to use it. As much as you'll think that the incline will slow you down enough for the right turn at the top, it won't, and you'll barely make it out of the turn without slamming into the concrete barrier. It'll be much better used for the second-half of the up portion, which is a small series of 90-degree turns that requires you to "thread the needle" to pull off; if other vehicles/powerups/mistakes have you heading for a crash, using the Nitro to boost out of it (or to airbrake and change direction) will be a saving grace. If nothing else, once you get to the top of the hill, you can use the Nitro freely, well before you get to the starting line and have to worry about plummeting down the hill again.
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