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Renault Mégane Trophy
Ingame renault megane
Make Renault icon Class
Class A
How to Unlock
Career Reach Fan Status 7
Multiplayer Reach Rank 32
Accel Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b h Icon
Speed Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fEmpty Blob (Performance) Upgrades
Grip Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b f Upgrade Fans n Upgrade Health n Upgrade Speed n
Difficulty Blob b fBlob b fBlob b hEmpty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)
Health Blob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fEmpty Blob (Health) 2Empty Blob (Health) 2Empty Blob (Health) 2 Paintable
Blob cross
Handling Very Grippy Team Play
Blob tick

Renault Megane Trophy is Renault Mégane Sport race version which includes a tube frame chassis with glass fibre body keeping just visual resemblance to the usual mass-production Mégane.

The RS Trophy uses the considerably modified Renault Vel Satis V4Y 3.5-litre V6 engine (which is a rebadged VQ35DE of the Nissan VQ engine family) rated 330 PS (243 kW; 325 bhp) at 7000 rpm and 390 N·m (290 lb·ft) at 4500 rpm. The engine together with Sadev 6-speed sequential gearbox placed longitudinally behind the cockpit.

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