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Proving Grounds
Shannon Renault
Rival Shannon
Vehicle Renault R230 F1 Team R26
Mod Overbolt
Gain an extra Bolt round for every Bolt Power-up
Events 2 Destructions & 4 Races
Shannon's Demands
Land 80 offensive Power-ups
Earn 7,000 fans
Finish 4 Events in 4 different cars
Pass 5 events

Proving grounds is the first league in the career and mostly consists of Race and Destruction events. There are 4 Race events and 2 Destruction events. All of the events within this league consist of class D cars.

Type # Location Track Criteria Restrictions Fan Target
Easy Medium Hard
Race 1 Barcelona Oval Speedway 3 Laps Class D 900
2 Amboy Route 66 2 Laps Class D 1,200
4 LA Docks Pacific Reach 3 Laps Class D 1,300
5 Amboy Badlands Traverse 2 Laps Class D 1,300
Destruction 3 Brighton Promenade Loop Blur light yellow 60pts
Blur light blue 30pts
Blur light red 15pts
Blur light yellow 80pts
Blur light blue 40pts
Blur light red 20pts
Blur light yellow 100pts
Blur light blue 50pts
Blur light red 25pts
Class D 1,200
6 LA River Concrete Basin Class D 1,200
One-on-One 7 Brighton Seafront Strip 2 Laps Renault Megane Trophy X

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