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One-on-One is a single player event. Players race one-on-one with the Rival of each league. Players must compete in other races to unlock lights and fans whilst meeting the demands of the league's Rival to unlock the one-on-one event.

Winning this event requires skill and strategy as Rivals are tricky competitors and are far more aggressive than normal racers. In order to win the player must either finish ahead of or wreck their Rival's vehicle. Winning the One-on-One event unlocks the Rival's car and Mod for use in the Single Player Career.

Beating Natalya unlocks her BMW Concept 1 Series tii (Race) in Multiplayer and beating Shannon in Show Down also unlocks her Opel Astra Extreme for use in Multiplayer.

Rival(s) League Demands Vehicle(s) Mod
Shannon Proving Grounds Land 80 offensive Power-ups
Finish 4 Events in 4 different cars
Earn 7,000 Fans
Pass 5 events
Shannon's Renault R320 F1 Team R26 Overbolt
Khan City Slickers Shield against 3 Power-ups
Collect 40 stopwatches
Evade 3 Shock fields
Pass Event 5 with 14 seconds left
Khan's Foose Stallion Ford Mustang Titanium Shield
Rhymer Fan Favorite Complete 5 Fan Demands
Complete 4 Fan Targets
Complete 2 Fan Runs
Win Event 5 with 1 'X5' fan combo
Rhymer's Chevrolet Camaro SS Fan Nitro
Drayke Crash and Burn Barge 1 car into water
Barge 5 cars
Wreck 100 cars
Get 6 Lights in Event 6
Drayke's Hummer H2 (Off-Road) Super Shunt
Natalya Ruthless Aggression Reverse Shunt 5 cars
Shock 10 cars
Hit multiple cars with 5 Barges
Complete the Fan Run in Event 6
Natalya's BMW Concept 1 Series tii (Race) Quadshock
Talon Midas Touch Drift a total of 1,500 meters
Execute 4 clean, triple Nitros
Destroy 4 Power-ups
Earn 25 Lights
Talon's Corvette ZR1 Armor Plating
& Ayumi
Double Damage Forward Mine 5 cars
Get 10 bonus hits in Destruction
Nitro-ram 5 cars
Wreck 1 car and finish first in Event 6
Harumi's Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-tune
Ayumi's Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-tune
Scatter Shot
Carver Loose Cannon Shield through 3 Mines
Win any Race without wrecking or Repairing
Fully Bolt 8 cars
Win Event 6 in Harumi's car
Carver's Dodge Viper GTSR Nitro Rift
Shannon Show Down Stay above 120MPH for an entire lap
Mine 20 cars
Land 15 reverse Bolt rounds
Come first in all 6 Events
Shannon's Opel Astra Extreme X
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