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Nitro.png Rounds 1
Type Utility
Range User's vehicle
Colour Green
A car using nitro.

Nitro is a useful power-up that gives a player's car a burst of acceleration and increased top speed for a few seconds.

It can also be fired backwards to activate an air-brake. When this mode is employed, the car slows nearly to a halt and appears to move in slow-motion (though time passes normally around it). During the next few seconds, the car is able to turn in-place to face any direction. Once the air-brake ends, the normal Nitro effect kicks in, compensating for the slow-down period.

There are more ways to use Nitro other than as speed boosts - it can also used to aid in sudden maneuvering, such as extreme cornering, performing long drifts, and quickly recovering from attacks.

Nitro does not depend on wheel traction and can be with activated with equal effectiveness while airborne.

Modifications[edit | edit source]

Mod Group Description Rank
Bribe Green Get a random Power-up at the start as well as each time you respawn after being Wrecked. 15
Front Runner Yellow You receive a Nitro for every lap you complete.
The Nitro is not given if your Power-up Bay is full.
Drifter Yellow You receive a Nitro each time you perform a Super Drift.
The Nitro is not given if your Power-up Bay is full.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Nitro Cartoon
  • The speed boost from a Nitro outperforms the velocity of a Shunt missile, making it useful for evasion.
  • Using a Nitro just after being struck by a damaging power-up can compensate for the reduction in speed (though the damage isn't affected). Use caution when doing this as your vehicle will travel in the exact direction it is facing when you engage the Nitro; if you're flipping end over end, this can send you flying backwards!
  • If you engage the air-brake while airborne, you will drop to the ground during its effect, giving you a chance to regain traction control.
  • Fans are awarded for a Clean Nitro - using a Nitro and then avoiding collisions/damage for a full 4 seconds.
  • If you Ram another vehicle while you're in the midst of a Nitro boost, you receive bonus fans and deal additional damage to the other vehicle; this is called a Nitro Ram.
  • The air-brake is most useful in maintaining speed and tactical placement for tight corners of at least 90o, such as those in Amboy, NY Dumbo, and Barcelona Gracia circuits. Aim for a line just past the apex of the corner, engage the air-brake once you've cleared the apex, and turn to face the exit straightaway.
  • The air-brake can be used offensively as a ramming/blocking technique. The air-brake creates a "wake effect" behind your vehicle, extending outward from your bumper and slightly to the sides (this is referred to as a Nitro Rift). If another vehicle slams into yours (or touches the Rift) while you're traveling in slow-motion, they receive damage and are stopped similar to collision, and you are credited with a scoring move.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nitro is short for nitrous oxide, N2O, which is used both as an anesthetic by dentists and as a fuel additive for racing; when it is injected into the engine intake it expands and cools rapidly, allowing for a denser fuel/air mixture and greatly improved power for a short time.
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