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General tipsEdit

  • People tend to get real excited about Descent because of its current uniqueness; it's the only track that isn't a circuit. Add to that the fact that it's a downhill race, and drivers go nuts about going as fast as possible, ignoring cornering and bashing/wallgrinding through turns. Taking some time to memorize your lines on this one, particularly the two hairpin sections, will cut down on your time and give you the empty racing lines you desire (rather than playing an unpredictable game of bumper cars each time the road swerves). This may keep you from being in the lead for the first part of the race, but consider this: it's easier to take care of your opponents when you're not firing backwards at them. In other words, once you've got your pacing and the road opens up, start your overtakes and unleash a fury of Barges and Bolts, and you're gone.
  • This track obviously caters to the Drift enthusiast at first glance; however, that's if you're going for style rather than raw finishing potential. With the handful of hairpins sprinkled throughout, you might opt for a Grippy approach if you're into precise cornering and can keep your speed bleeding to a minimum. However, one aspect of the track that is understated is its wide shoulders in some areas, particularly in the less-sharp corners and straights. This makes selecting a decent Off-Road vehicle an actual consideration, as you can choose to take shortcuts through the grass, and treat corners as if the entire flat area were paved; in some cases this makes for straighter paths / tighter lines through corners, further maintaining your speed.
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