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Midas Touch is one of the stages in the Blur video game, between Ruthless Aggression and Double Damage, where you take on the trickster Talon in his Corvette, to beat him.

Talon's demands:

  • Drift a total of 1,500 meters.
  • Destroy 4 Power-ups.
  • Execute 4 clean, triple Nitros.
  • Earn 25 Lights.

Events in Midas Touch:

Type of Event Location Track Criteria (Easy, Medium, Hard) Restrictions Fan Target Race Hackney Urban Belt 3 Laps B-Class 2,200
Race LA Downtown Highrise Ring 3 Laps B-Class 1,500
Race LA Downtown The Money Run 2 Laps B-Class 1,400
Checkpoint SanFran Russian Hill Russian Steps 20 Seconds B-Class 1,600
Checkpoint Barcelona Gracia Catalan Climb 20 Seconds C-Class 2,100
Checkpoint Hollywood Hills Hollywood Rift 20 Seconds C-Class 1,000
One-on-One NY Dumbo Manhatten View 2 La
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