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Lights are awarded to players as they progress through the Career mode. Some challenges and series' require a certain amount of lights to be unlocked in order to become playable. There is a total of 450 lights in the Career mode with 7 offered in each regular event and 8 in each One-on-One event.

Players can earn lights in each regular event by completed it in either Third, Second or First position. Finishing an event in Third position unlocks 3 lights, finishing in Second unlocks 4 lights and finishing in First unlocks 5 lights. There are two additional lights with each being unlockable by completing a Fan Run and a Fan Target.

Lights in One-on-One events can only be earned by finishing in First position or by Wrecking the rival. Finishing in First position unlocks all 8 lights.

Lights can be earned in different playthroughs meaning players can replay events with the intent of completing one of the three goals individually.


  • Its recomended that players attempt to finish a race event in their first attempt and complete Fan Runs and Fan Targets in a separate attempt.
  • Fan Targets can be hard to accomplish without using Fan Demands. Player who attempt to earn fans instead of first place should keep using power-ups as much as possible in a tight pack of cars.
  • Fan Demands can be used to help with earn Fan Targets. Completing these do not award a light but can help player reach their Fan Target.
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