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Land Rover LRX
Land Rover LRX
Make LandRover icon Class
Class C
How to Unlock
Career Available from the Beginning
Multiplayer Reach Rank 26
Accel Blob b fEmpty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance) Icon
Speed Blob b fBlob b hEmpty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance) Upgrades
Grip Blob b fBlob b fBlob b fBlob b fEmpty Blob (Performance) Upgrade Fans n Upgrade Health n Upgrade Speed n
Difficulty Blob b hEmpty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)Empty Blob (Performance)
Health Blob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fBlob g fEmpty Blob (Health) 2Empty Blob (Health) 2 Paintable
Blob tick
Handling Off Road Team Play
Blob tick

The prototype Land Rover LRX is the ultimate high-tech 4x4 concept car in a compact package.

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