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50 Blur light purple Fan Favorite
Rhymer Camaro
Rival Rhymer
Vehicle Camaro SS
Mod Fan Nitro
Gain a Nitro Power-up for every 500 Fans earned
Events 1 Destruction, 2 Checkpoints & 3 Races
Rhymer's Demands
Complete 5 Demands
Complete 2 Fan Runs
Complete 4 Fan Targets
Win Event 5 with 1 'X5' fan combo

Fan Favorite is the third league in the Single Player career and requires 50 Lights to unlock. Fan Favorite consists of 1 Destruction, 2 Checkpoint and 3 Race events and all the Rival Demands for this league consist entirely around Fans. It is the first league to involve Fan Demands, Class B cars and circuits that involve a large body of water.

To fulfill Rhymer's demand of attaining an 'X5' fan combo in Event 5, it is useful to have the Overbolt mod equipped so that you can score more hits in a row.[1]

Type # Location Track Criteria Restrictions Fan Target
Easy Medium Hard
Race 1 LA Downtown Highrise Ring 3 Laps Class C 1,800
3 Brighton Coastal Cruise 3 Laps Class C 1,600
5 Barcelona Garcia Passeig de Garcia 3 Laps Class C 1,300
Checkpoint 4 Amboy Route 88 10 Checkpoints Class B 1,900
6 LA Docks Badlands Traverse 12 Checkpoints Class B 1,500
Destruction 2 LA Docks Pacific Reach Blur light yellow 100pts
Blur light blue 50pts
Blur light red 25pts
Blur light yellow 120pts
Blur light blue 60pts
Blur light red 30pts
Blur light yellow 140pts
Blur light blue 70pts
Blur light red 35pts
Class D 1,400
One-on-One 7 LA River Stormdrain Surge 2 Laps Chevrorlet Camaro X


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