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Fan Demands icon

Fan Demands are on track challenges that a player can initiate during an event by driving through their icon.

Driving through a Fan Demand icon initiates a required task that must be completed before a Fan Timer runs out. Driving through a Fan Demand icon will give players the power-ups required to complete the objective. These power-ups are not given if a player already has a full assortment of power-ups on their vehicle.

Fan Demands with the icon of a Steering Wheel will initiate a driving challenge such as; Nitro Overtake an opponent, Nitro Rift an opponent or Perform a Super Drift. Fan Demands with the icon of a Car will initiate an offensive challenge such as; Shunt hit two opponents, Reverse Mine an opponent or Long Bolt an opponent.

Some Fan Demands are a mixture of offensive and driving challenges such as; Nitro overtake and then Reverse Shunt that opponent or Bolt an opponent whilst drifting.

Completed a Fan Demand will award players with a varying amount of Fans.

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