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Drayke is the fourth boss that the player will meet in the game, making him the boss for "Crash and burn" he owns a Hummer H2 '05 and the "super shunt" mod

His demands in include: Barge one car into water, Barge 5 cars, Wreck 100 cars and Get 6 lights in event 6

Drayke owns the "super shunt" mod, this mod allows the player to have an even more faster and powerful version of the shunt power up.

Drayke has the appearances of an aggressive man, he looks to be around the age of 40 this a bald head and short beard. Drayke also appears to have a tattoo that is a series of stripes that go from his right arm to right side of his head. Drakye wears a black bowling shirt with yellow stripes down the sides. When the player has met all his demands they will be able to face him in the One-on-One his description reads:

You've met his Demands and called him out to play. Drayke wont play nice. So your gonna have to beat him at his own game. Attack is the best form of defense.