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Destruction is an event type in blur's Single Player Career and consists of one goal - wreck as many opponents as possible to gain points in a limited time. Destruction does not utilize all eight types of Power-ups but instead only allows the use of Bolt. Good aim is crucial as it may be the difference between meeting the events targets or failing. Once the timer ticks to zero any points players have will be scored into either 3 red lights, 4 blue lights or 5 yellow lights depending on the event's goal targets.


The player should stay as close as possible to all opposing drivers. This gives them the best chance to get all three hits enabling them to gain more points in a shorter amount of time. A, light grippy car is advised as you are doing most of the damage in this event and not AI drivers. This will give the player the best chance to stick close to the opposition and not have to defer to long range hits that can easily miss the designated target.

The target vehicles in Destruction events are as follows: The easiest targets are green Ford Focus RS's and will be wrecked with one hit. They fire Bolts backwards when they are destroyed. The next step up are yellow Rat versions of the Nissan Navara. They are wrecked in two hits and drop Mines when they are destroyed. The toughest enemies are red Hummer H2 (Off Road) SUV's. They are wrecked in three hits and rear-fire Shunts when they are destroyed. A rare bonus target, only occurring in a few top-tier events, are blue Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's. They are wrecked in one hit and fire Barges when they are destroyed. For extra points, try to hit a car that is ahead of another car, as the Power-Up fired by the destroyed car will also do damage to fellow target cars. The Barge Corvettes are particularly useful when in the centre of a large group of enemies, since the Barge will deal one Bolt's worth of damage to any cars in the vicinity of the Barge.

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