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25 25 Lights required to Unlock City Slickers
Khan's Foose in Barcelona
Rival Khan
Vehicle Foose Stallion Ford Mustang
Mod Titanium Shield
Increase your Shield Power-up strength and use it to smash opposition cars out of your way
Events 2 Checkpoint & 4 Races
Khan's Demands
Shield against 3 Power-ups
Evade 3 Shock fields
Collect 40 stopwatches
Pass Event 5 with 14 seconds left

City Slickers is the second league in the blur Single Player career and requires 25 lights to unlock. City Slickers consists of 4 Race events and 2 Checkpoint events. It is also the first league to involve a Class C event with number 5 taking place with Pacific Reach at the LA Docks.

Khan's "Evade 3 Shock fields" demand requires that the player evades all three fields that appear from a single shock. A shield can be used to evade.[1]

Type # Location Track Criteria Restrictions Fan Target
Easy Medium Hard
Race 2 LA River Concrete Basin 3 Laps Class D 1,600
3 Tokyo Shutoko Wangan-sen 2 Laps Class D 900
4 SanFran Sausalito Golden Gate Rush 2 Laps Class D 1,300
6 Barcelona Oval City Breach 3 Laps Class D 1,200
Checkpoint 1 LA Downtown Harbor Freeway 12 Checkpoints Class D 2,000
5 LA Docks Pacific Reach 9 Checkpoints Class C 1,200
One-on-One 7 Barcelona Gracia Passeig de Garcia 2 Laps Foose Stallion Ford Mustang X

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