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Chevrolet Camaro (Rat)
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Make Chevrolet icon.png Class
Class D.png
How to Unlock
Career Reach Fan Status 14
Multiplayer Reach Rank 34
Accel Blob b f.pngBlob b f.pngBlob b h.pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).png Icon
Chevrolet Camaro (Rat)
Speed Blob b f.pngBlob b f.pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).png Upgrades
Grip Blob b h.pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).pngEmpty Blob (Performance).png Fan Bonus Unlockable Health Bonus Unlockable Speed Bonus Unlockable
Difficulty Blob b f.pngBlob b f.pngBlob b f.pngBlob b f.pngEmpty Blob (Performance).png
Health Blob g f.pngBlob g f.pngBlob g f.pngBlob g f.pngBlob g f.pngBlob g f.pngEmpty Blob (Health) 2.pngEmpty Blob (Health) 2.png Paintable
Handling Very Drifty Team Play

The Chevrolet Camaro (Rat) appears in Blur as a D class car that can be unlocked after reaching fan status 14 or rank 34 in multiplayer. 

Performance[edit | edit source]

It has quick acceleration, faster than the Rat Rod, and a high top speed close to the Rat Rod's but has very little traction. The car, although quick if driven properly, is hard to drive properly meaning that it is not recommended for less experienced players, especially for those who just got a driving licence.

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