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Blur Cover PC.jpg
Developer(s) Bizarre Creations


Release date

US May 25, 2010
EU May 28, 2010

Genre(s) Racing
Game modes Single player, multiplayer
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360, Play Station 3
Rating ESRB (US) E10+

blur is an arcade style racing video game for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. it was developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Activision.

It features over 50 licensed cars including custom models, 35 tracks in 14 real-world inspired locations, visual damage modelling and arcade style car physics. The arcade and kart racing style of blur includes eight power-ups as well as modifications that players can equip before races.

Barge is one of 8 power-ups.

Cars and modifications are progressively unlocked in both the singleplayer career and online multiplayer modes with fan points earned after every race.

Blur integrates with its official website, Facebook and Twitter to share player activities such as race results, screenshots as well as other statistics.


The singleplayer career mode in blur sees the player climbing a difficulty progressing ladder by completing races and challenges in order to challenge nine rival racers in a one-on-one race. Each rival has a unique persona and race style. Leaderboards and challenges allow players to compete indirectly with friends.


4-player split screen.

The game supports up to maximum of 20 players per race for certain game modes and 4 players with split screen.

The two multiplayer modes are racing and motor mash. They can be played free for all or in teams. Console system link and computer local area network play is supported.


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