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I'm Roach I'm Roach 14 July 2010

Just a heads up

But I will definetly be able to help with the Blur Wiki once I either rent or buy the game. For the mean time, I will be adding IRL pics of the cars.

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Bigheadzach Bigheadzach 11 July 2010

Track page template? DO EET.

Itching to start analysis of the different tracks. I don't know where the images we've acquired thus far are coming from, but if it's from the PC version, then surely we can grab the top down track layouts that you see when observing a race in progress?

That'll be the key towards very useful track pages. Some of the things i'd love to share involve racing lines, powerup placement for different classes, etc.

Any thoughts on how this info can be gathered in an easy fashion?

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Bigheadzach Bigheadzach 5 July 2010

90% complete MP Car Progression Table WOOOOOOOOOO

I promised I would eventually follow through on this, so here it is!

(It does need to be checked for accuracy on a few cars, as sometimes the dark blue squares look grey, and vice versa.)

I need people with information about the Legendary car stats to fill in the question marks, and most likely all of the cars will need to be linked to their appropriate pages.

I also have not fully determined which cars cannot be used in Team Racing, and if that list differs when playing in Team Motor Mash. All other modes have no restrictions on car selection AFAIK.

Let me know what I can do to help contribute.

  • 1 Class A
  • 2 Class B
  • 3 Class C
  • 4 Class D

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 11 June 2010

Assets Gathering

Ive been trying to gather images from the PC version of blur for use on the wikia. So far it isn't going well through my regular means but I might be able to gather some icons. Im hoping to be able to use these images in a similar manner to this.

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Bigheadzach Bigheadzach 8 June 2010

Car stats

As I progress towards Rank 50 I've been copying down all of the vehicle stats, including whether they are enabled for Team play. Should I continue to do this, or have I been beaten to the punch?

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Speedracer32 Speedracer32 8 June 2010

My Situation With Blur

Well, my copy of Blur has just arrived today. As an Admin of this wiki I was ashamed to have very few mainspace edits. However, as I finally have the game I hope to contribute to the mainspace more and help this wiki grow into a hustling and bustling community with articles rich in information... it would be great to eventually reach the heights of Burnopedia - The only Racing Video Game wiki to have reached the 500 article mark!

So, you can expect to see me far more active over the coming days, helping out more and continuing to develop the main page.

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TinDragon TinDragon 24 May 2010

Get Geometry Wars Retro Evolved free with Blur pre-order on Steam

We are not sure why we missed this nice little game pre-order offer but you still have some time to take advantage of it while you still can. As you may know next week sees the release of Blur, the new action-racing game from developer Bizarre Creations in their first game for their current owners Activision.

If you pre-order the game before its release on May 25 you get an extra game for free. It's the Windows version of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved , the highly addictive (and highly colorful) arcade shooter that was originally made as a mini-game for Bizarre Creations' Xbox title Project Gotham Racing 2 . If you have never played it you may find it's more entertaining than most high priced AAA games.

Original Source: Get Geometry Wars Retr…

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TinDragon TinDragon 24 May 2010

Bizarre's Blur to Integrate With Facebook

Activision and Bizarre Creation's upcoming racing game Blur is the latest console game to integrate social networking features for the Facebook era.

The companies said Friday that gamers will be able to challenge Facebook friends in single and multiplayer modes, and share achievements directly from inside the game via a "Share" button within Blur's interface.

Users that connect Blur to Facebook can post in-game photos, racing stats, unlockable items and other content to the social networking site, Activision said.

Facebook claims to have over 400 million users. Both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 boast integration with the popular social network.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said that Blur is the first multiplatform game to have Facebook integration. "Th…

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