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Amboy - Route 66
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Location Amboy Track Route 66
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Route 66 is a desert racetrack based on the real-life ghost town of Amboy on Route 66 in California. This track runs through an airfield and some countryside farms.

The track starts on the airfield, an asphalt straightaway, and slowly divides into several dirt paths. The left path has a jump over the "Route 66" part of the track and the right path goes under an underpass. You will then reach another dirt road, which then becomes a fork. You will then be greeted by a fairly sharp right-hand turn into the "residential" area, where, on the right, you can go through a barn. Another split offers a jump on some scrap metal over a stationary cargo bed to the right and some tracks on the left. A bumpy dirt straightaway will eventually form into the titular "Route 66", a straightaway completely made of asphalt. Here, you can drive through Roy's Cafe and Motel. A very sharp spiral turn awaits at the end of the road. After an underpass and a left-hand turn brings on another split path, the left being a sloped hill downward and the right being a cliff that eventually goes downward. This split will then merge together on the airstrip. Just before that, anyone on the right side of the path can jump over on a scrap metal ramp to the left side. The left side is completely clear of obstacles, but going on the right side will lead to a hanger. The center part of the hanger is destructible, but going through it will cause your vehicle to lose speed. A hairpin turn, which can be difficult for most heavy off-road vehicles, appears before crossing the start/finish line.

The majority of the track is dirt, so it's recommended that you drive in an off-road vehicle. Although, most of the straightaways are completely asphalt, so theoretically, you can go fast on the straightaways and just worry about your cornering when they come up.

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