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Amboy - Badlands Traverse
Location Amboy Track Badlands Traverse
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Badlands Traverse is a desert racetrack based on the real-life ghost town of Amboy on Route 66 in California. The most notable landmark is Roy's Motel and Cafe which can be driven through near the start/finish line.

The track starts on a long, straightaway, and slowly turns into three separate paths. The furthest left path goes under an underpass, the center path continues on the road with a jump right next to it, and the furthest right path goes onto a bridge and on the side of a cliff. Afterward, the paths form back together and lead towards a hairpin turn. Then, the paths cross through an oil field, filled with active machinery. After going through the oil fields, you will reach another dirt road, which then becomes a fork. There are some barns that can be passed through and the paths can be crossed over from either side. Another split offers a jump to the right and an underpass on the left. The split will then merge together to on the airstrip. A hairpin turn, which can be difficult for most heavy of- road vehicles, appears before an optional jump through the hangar on the left side. The right side is completely flat and has no obstacles. Another fork splits on a hill, which either can be used as a jump, or by simply going around the hill on the right. Before crossing the finish line, you'll have to deal with another hairpin turn before hitting the straightaway again.

The majority of the track is dirt, so it's recommended that you drive in an off road vehicle. Although, most of the straightaways are completely asphalt, so theoretically, you can go fast on the straightaways and just worry about your cornering when they come up.

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